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Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring lives up to the name with comfortable, textured planks that capture the look of wood and stone.

brown and gray vinyl in an open living room
Durable, Water and Scratch Resistant

Not All Vinyl Flooring is the Same

Luxury vinyl flooring has nearly everything you want in a floor. Between the waterproof materials and protective layers, here’s what you can expect from all types of luxury vinyl flooring:

  • Waterproof: All luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, making it great for every room in your home; even bathrooms and kitchens where moisture tends to accumulate.

  • Low Maintenance: Forget special cleaning methods or sanding and refinishing worn-out floors—general sweeping and mopping is all it takes to keep luxury vinyl looking beautiful!

  • Durability: All luxury vinyl flooring is finished with a protective wear layer to prevent the scratches, dings, dents, and scuffs that come from normal wear and tear. Luxury vinyl is one of the best flooring for dogs and other pets.

  • Versatile Style: Because the photographic layer of luxury vinyl flooring can have thousands of options, it’s not hard to find something that fits the style you’re looking for.

  • Long Lasting: Can last up to 20 years!

light brown vinyl in an entrance hallway

Why We Love Luxury Vinyl

An Easy Solution to Uneven Surfaces

A click-together luxury vinyl floor produces a floating surface that is more forgiving than its glue-down counterpart which is more prone to reveal imperfections in the sub-surface.

Hardwood Look without the Hardwood Cons

Many people want hardwood in their basement, bathrooms, or laundry room. But because of moisture issues, it’s not recommended to install actual hardwood in these spaces. Both glue-down and click-together luxury vinyl options are great alternatives that look like wood and can be installed in any indoor space.

Cost Effective

When comparing the cost of luxury vinyl to hardwood, luxury vinyl is much more economical. It depends on the type and finish, but it can reduce your costs by as much as $3-5 per square foot. 

brown vinyl in an open room near the front door
Where Can I Use Luxury Vinyl

The Perfect Option for Your Home or Business.

The realistic look of your new vinyl flooring will reflect a simple elegance that will impress clients or guests.

Make sure you stop into the showroom to see all the styles we have to offer. We can discuss your color preferences and find the perfect flooring for you.

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